About my car

My car is a 2015 Camaro RS/SS Green Flash Spring Edition

Equipped with an LS-3 and 6 Speed Stick, gently massaged with some long tube BBK headers and a CAI cold air induction.

One of 82 Green Flash ragtops made.

Music to my ears😁😁😁😁

I was looking at pics of the 2014 SEMA show when I saw the Flash. I already had a 2LT Camaro ragtop, but I really loved the color, reminded me of my bike as a kid.

So,when I learned it was going into production, I told my wife I was going for it. She was very supportive, I had just turned 60. Very cool.

Now the games began. Back to my dealer. He had no clue what I was talking about. Ok, it was early. February 2015 rolls around he calls me says lets talk. Now he knows of the Green Flash. Evaluates my car, lowballs me by 5k. Then he tells me allocation could be a problem.

Screw that, I left, bummed out. On an impulse, I stopped at my local Chevy dealer. I had printed out the pics and specs, now they were up on Chevy’s website. They were very cool, appraised my ‘12 at a very good price. So I placed my order, I had wanted to do this forever. Spec out a car! Yeah!

So after this, he is honest with me, says the order went in but it needs to be accepted. This was on a Friday, he figured Monday he’d know.

Well, imagine my surprise when he called me Saturday and said the factory accepted the order, my Flash was getting built just as I wanted it!!!! I was on Cloud 9!

6 weeks later I get a call. It’s here. They need a day or two to prep it up. Well, it was ready April 12, 2015. This was also our Wedding anniversary!!

The first time I heard my LS-3 burbling thru that NPP exhaust I was in love! I dropped the top and blasted down the street ripping through the 6 on the floor.

Went home, picked my loving wife up, headed down to Assateague Island where we had gotten hitched on the beach.

She’s a great wife and I love her........but.....I’m in love with my car❤️❤️❤️

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