About my car

With the volvo being an unreliable POS lately, it has become a project car that sits in my back yard while I gather the necessary tools I will need to pull the engine and do engine work. I will post an update on it later when I feel like it I guess. This is a post about my new to me truck, a 1995 4runner SR5 V6.

My neighbor, god bless him, allowed me to use his second vehicle when I didn't have my own to drive. I didn't know much about 4runners. My dad owned a biege 2000 Tundra 5.7 V8 Ext. Cab 4x2 long bed truck, a green 2012 Tacoma 4.0 V6 Prerunner Crew-Cab, and now has a white 2019 Tacoma 4.0 V6 TRD Off Road 4x4 6 speed manual. I always liked Toyota trucks for their utility, look, and a cabin that is more narrow than most of the American truck brands.
At first, I thought this truck was a 3rd gen. It always sat in my neighbor's driveway since he purchased it in 2015 from auction and would only move every now and then to go to Publix or the Home Depot. When he started to let me drive it, I realized it was not a 3rd gen, but a 2nd gen. Found it to be a fun, light, and raw driving experience for having a 4 speed auto w/OD slushbox. Then I try cruise control for the first time and question why it's downshifting going up any sort of incline! This took some time to get used to - it is a much slower machine that the Volvo. I drove it to school over summer about 20 miles a day with NO maintenance and it never did anything weird! My neighbor did major maintenance two years before and it barely moved since then. As time progressed, I was allowed to drive it whenever I so desired. I would regularly wash it, keep the interior clean, and did my first oil change on it. I started to actually like something slow and old??

Just this past August was a troubling time for the Volvo, I really thought I got it down right but I'm still far from it seeing the road again. My neighbor put the truck up on for sale websites about a week before. I stopped driving the truck maybe a couple days before the Volvo died again. He had someone coming to look at it one day. Faced with the decision to step back or keep going, I chose to step back and purchase the truck before anyone else could. I had plates and insurance on it within 5 days.

The decision was easy - most of the friends I keep today go off roading and have either off road toys, jeeps, or/and trucks. I wanted to have my own rig to run out with them. Sadly, this truck is a 4x2 automatic. The gear ratio is 3.91 (sloooow as fuck). But thats okay, an LSD install is not overly invasive and will add a ton of offroadability to the truck without having to mess with more complicated IFS, transfer case(s), clutches, etc. Already got one AWD to deal with. And this truck is stupid clean! No overly-worn interior parts aside from the cloth seats (grey interior is so much better than tan). Truck was purchased new from Toyota of Hollywood and been in town ever since. Neighbor bought it with 82,000 miles in 2015, I started to drive it at 96,400 miles in 2019, and now she stands at 105,500 miles. I've taken it on long distance trips to Orlando and Homestead. AC stopped working on way home from Orlando, but only needed an R134A freon recharge! Still blowing cold about a month later.
Since purchasing it, I got my buddy's 33x10.5r15 KO2s from his 97 1500 he lost in an accident (RIP green basterd) mounted on, new OME rear shocks and rear coils, 1.5" front ball joint spacers, new ball joints, new tie rods, rear diff cleaning, new rear diff fluid, installed a sport-pkg rear spoiler (94-95 version with the 3rd brake light cutout) myself. Painted and cut gaskets for it. And much more! I will post more photos of Pirate Bo in her element (woods) another time.
Truck instagram is @slorunna

Here's a copy-paste from my running google doc:

06 16 20 99.8k Front turn signals, rear turn signals, brake lights replaced

07 17 20 101.1k Gas cap replaced w Duralast/Autozone brand

08 06 20 101.5k Oil changed with Valvoline Conventional 5w30, OE oil filter

08 30 20 102.1k New mast antenna fitted

09 05 20 102.3k Truck is purchased, new tags and title transfer ordered

09 18 20 102.9k Seats wet-vaccumed, new OE air filter installed

09 22 20 103.0k New OE air filter element installed

09 27 20 103.1k Gas cap replaced again but found later, 2 extras remain

10 03 20 103.3k Rear spoiler and mounts installed, new gaskets

10 06 20 103.4k A/C system purged and recharged with R134A

10 13 20 104.7k Oil changed w conventional 5W30, new filter

Phase 1: Tune-up, suspension and tires

09 07 20 1.5” Ball joint spacers ordered
Pro Comp Track Bar/Panhard Brackets ordered

09 08 20 BFGoodrich All Terrain KO2 tires - 33x10.5r15
3 used, 1 damaged (useable spare), 1 new $100

10 21 20 105.0k 1.5” Ball joint spacers installed
New ball joints installed

New tie rods installed
New fuel filter installed
Rear differential cleaned, new fluid
OME 60073 rear shocks mounted

OME 2900 rear coils mounted
33” BFG KO2 Baja Champion tires mounted
Alignment and balance performed

Ordered1.5” Ball joint spacers

ARB Old Man Emu 60073 Rear Shocks
ARB Old Man Emu 2900 Rear Coil Spring
Toyota OE Air Element Filter

Future parts- front shocks and coils
-front speakers polk audio db402
- arb torsion bar
- OME steering stabilizer (cheap, 2wd)

- hella 500 black magic driving/fog lights with installation kit (for brush guard)

- new bushing for shifter (PITA job)

- eaton/detroit/trutrac LSD

Sorry, I've been busy. I haven't made a post yet.