Edcouch, TX
My garage: Chevrolet Tahoe La Paloma (previously owned Chevrolet Tahoe)

About my car

This is my 97 2 door Tahoe that I currently use as my daily driver. I currently have it sitting on some 15x10 inch American Racing rims on a wide tire as well. For now I just have it leveled out and I'm planning in dropping it like two more inches in the future.

In this Tahoe I am running a 6.0 with a 4L80 and some 3.90 gears in the rear end. I also have a 3400 stall which is a budget stall lol, but it still helps. Truck is still good for towing just that the revs are always high because of the stall. Truck works great and have no problems with it.

Getting her new shoes... the ones I currently have


Why I decided to go with the LS swap