About my car

This is my baby, I bought the car a couple years ago and with in 3 months the motor blew up (topical Subaru). And that's when the magic started. This was the first car I decide to build on my own. I tore it down until it was a rolling shell and began ordering parts. Motor is built with a 20 over bore, manly pistons and rods, billet 272 duration cams, and beehive valve springs. I'm running a FP blue 58mm turbo, cattles up pipe and down pipe, Spec-D cat back, cobb boost controller, cobb access port, AEM fuel pressure regulator, 1000cc injectors, 450 walbro fuel pump, -8 fuel lines, IAG tgv delete, CX racing front mount intercooler, AEM short ram intake, HKS turbo timer, tuned on speed density and E85 by boost creep. Currently making 410whp making 29psi for boost, the goal is definitely to touch 500whp after doing some customization work that is coming in the future.