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I bought this sexy 2016 Dodge Charger in 2018 and I have had her for a year now. I have done several upgrades to her. She is all custom and 1 of a kind. She is a "Katana Edition" yes those are factory stripes that I did not put on. I found this car on the Chevy lot which makes this story even better..lol

They only made 2,189 of the Katana Editions made. Even though she is an R/T model she is very fast. There are upgrades in her that should not be there or i should not have. I have talked to several car enthusiasts and this car has baffled them all. I have only found 1 in Arizona which I have ;) I am still looking to find others...

I have added upgraded drilled and slotted rotors, the R/T Red decal on the side, her own special Red and Black Hemi Badge on the side, Marquee staggered 20" inch wheels, all the decal work in the front. I also added red and white lights under the hood to show off the painted Samuri hood at night, and the Red and Black painted custom engine cover. Also has the "Knight Rider" light in the grill. Inside has all Red and Black custom leather interior that came with the car, has Red indaglow lights inside on the floor and the door panels have the R/T ghost lights that shine on the ground.

This is truly a 1 of a kind car that turns heads everyday and is soo much fun to drive. She has made Google and has had several pics taken of her.

Thank you, Sincerely

Shea, Owner.

  • This car was made in 2016 and I've driven it since 2018
  • The Dodge Charger (6th Gen) has been in production since 2006
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New pics of 1finert_katana


Red Marquee rims.


New Diffuser and Red Exhaust tips..


Ghost lights and the Samuri Light!!

Off-Road Lights

Dodge Charger Katana