About my car

For many years this was my Papa’s truck. He got it years ago and replaced the engine and got one brand new. He passed and I got his truck years later finally since I’m legal to drive. It hasn’t hit even at least 250-750 miles since 2013-2015 probably. It needs work and I want it to stay in the family so I’m going to save up money to work on it because it needs this. A paint job, air conditioner, new power windows, new interior, replace dash (optional). But it’s just mainly cosmetic work. Everything is good. It has 179,000 miles and drives strong. One day it will have its potential again like it used to. That one day is soon.

  • This car was made in 1988 and I've driven it since 2019
  • The Chevrolet C/K (4th Gen) was in production from 1988 to 2000

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