Datsun 620 Rotsun

About my car

Datsun 620 that was offered to me by an employer of mine that needed it off of a property of his it's not something I typically go for I'm not one for foreign cars so much but I couldn't pass it up for the curiosity alone so fairs turned out to be a good little rig despite it's rust in places but it's definitely got life in it after about 20 minutes of work it's already shown me that it's got a good motor in it

Here's to hoping it'll make a good daily driver

  • This car was made in 1975 and I've driven it since 2019
  • The Datsun 620 was in production from 1973 to 1979
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I hated the trailer wheels

Wheel Covers

Brush/Deer guard and led light bar



DIY Repair

All new fuel system

DIY Repair

No more canopy

Body Kits

Bringing new life

DIY Repair