About my car

This is my new, daily driven project, its an 02 e46 325xi, i bought it in August 2019, car had 285k original miles when i bought it, at the time of this post it has now has 287k and will continue to go up, car is clearly very clean, and was well taken care of, and will continue to be, only paid $1300 and was very well worth it! Ive done a few things to it so far like angel eyes, replaced headlight lenses, brake hoses for Inspection, i wanna do a turbo kit in the future, and rebuild the motorbefore that, do some tasty bolt on mods, its awd so itll make a nice little sleeper and will launch like a monster, ill try to make posts every time i do something new to her 😁

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Head work

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Angel eyes


Brake work

DIY Repair