About my car

This is actually a 2010 Mini John Cooper works world championship 50 edition. The one year they made what started out as 250 of these worldwide to pay homage to 50th year of Coopers influence with mini. They upped the amount to 500 worldwide and there was enough dealer demand in USA where they imported 50 the numbers 400-450 I have 427 which makes this a pretty special mini.

I stumbled across this in the place I work as I’m in the car business. I wasn’t sure what it was I just knew that it wasn’t an ordinary mini.when I found out asked the price and brought it on the spot.

I was a car wholesaler and have also been used car manager at a dealer.now I’m an auto analyst for the leading company in trade in valuations.needless to say I’ve driven my fair share of cars all prices all makes and models Porsche Ferrari etc.this car maybe is outside of the 85 Ferrari 308 or the 91 Acura nsx hands down the most fun and connected I’ve ever felt behind the wheel.

For me driving is more then a chore it’s a passion I love getting lost on back roads and just tearing it up. When I lived in Vermont id find these little hidden mountain roads and just do runs on em.in Las Vegas sometimes id drive to la just to have the room to hit 150 plus. It’s a high for me it’s always been. This car is an extension of the road and knows my reflexes before I even know them.

One day my 6 month old daughter will learn to drive stick on this.she will be the only girl in school that will have learned by that time the archaic art of the 3 pedal car. When that day happens it will be a moment I’ll never forget.

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