Galveston, IN
My garage: Chevrolet Tahoe Tanya (previously owned Jaguar XJ6 Diana)

About my car

With Diana’s tragic demise, I had to start fresh. This fresh start came in the shape of Tanya, my 1999 Chevrolet Tahoe. She is my current daily, and I love her, even with all of her faults (some of which may be of my doing lol.)

Tanya is a proper hand-me-down. My stepdad bought her in ‘06 when he came home from Kabul, and his ex-wife had “Dear John’d” him while he was overseas.

He drove her every day, until 2015, when she broke down in the Sears parking lot. He had her towed home, and she sat in the driveway for the next 3 years. I would see her every day: sitting still, three tires flat, and plastic over the passenger window because it was stuck down. In June of 2018, after constant pleading, I finally convinced my dad to let me try and get her started before he was going to have her hauled away. He gave me the keys, and wished me luck, and I got to work to save Tanya.

I grabbed jumper cables, and my moms Ford Escape, and hooked them up to see what would happen. When I hooked them up, the Under-hood light came on. Life, a good sign!! I Hop in, and cautiously put the key in the ignition. The door ajar beep comes on, I turn it to the acc position, and the cluster comes to life, all lights work, needles bounce like all OBS Chevy’s do, and I hear the fuel pump prime. Excited to hear that whine, now knowing that the fuel pump is good, I attempt to crank her over. I turn the key, and almost instantly she fires up! Like she’d never been sitting, and idles like new!

I’ve been driving her for over a year now, she’s never let me down, and never left me stranded. 5 trips to Missouri, 3 to Ohio, and one to Florida, she’s running like a top. She has a few issues I need to address, and she could use some paint and polish, but she’s mine, and I’m proud to say that.

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