About my car

Project Car still in progress and missing a lot of parts

1990 IROC-Z

Brought this car Nov.2018

The whole drivetrain is shot to hell(blown head gasket, leaking engine and transmission, rear diff ready to blow up any day now) but still drives. Rocky won’t pass California Emissions test no time soon.

I need to get a Carfax soon. Just to know the history

I have the new drivetrain for her. 350 tpi that’s going to be stroked to 383 from a 91 Corvette with a 88 Corvette 700r4 trans. 4th gen rear end swap. Everything is being rebuild at the moment.

Car of the Day winner ()

Bye bye dirty carpet

Floor Mats

Need help if any one can tell me why the gas tank filler neck is off centered

Body Kits

Seat track Refurbished




Terrible patch job

Dash Kits

What previous owners tried to hide

Dash Kits

Update on passenger power seat


1993 Corvette Seats installed in Rocky


Convertible Frame