About my car

I finally upgraded from Gen 5, to Gen 6, and finally got my SS while I was at it!! Waited all my life to get my V8 2SS, and it has not disappointed!

I bought her on March 31st of this year, after a long search for exactly what I wanted. The dealership gave me a fantastic deal on my old Cammy, so I pulled the trigger and bought it.

Impressions.... I personally love the few changes to the taillights and front fascia, and the LS1 V8 does not disappoint with 455 horsepower. I went with the 10 speed auto, and it is amazing as well. I am a stick shift purist, and swore I’d never drive a V8 in automatic, but I’m getting older, and drive in traffic frequently, and there’s no way I can shift as fast as it does anyway. With a 0-60 time of 4 sec, no stock stick Camaro can touch it.

This car is amazing, and I can’t wait to take her on the next road trip!

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