Ford Flex Dadpoolmobile

About my car

Hello! This is the Dadpoolmobile, or Poolmobile for short. She's a 2009 Ford Flex. I cosplay Deadpool, so I decided to up my cosplay game and incorporate my car.

She has full underglow, grille glow and interior glow in each row. There is an airbrushed mural under the hood that is also lit up with LED lighting. The valve covers and rims have been custom colour powder coated. There is a custom designed/made weapons display board that sits in the hatch area. There is also hydrodipping done to the air intake pieces. There are vinyl murals and graphics all over her as well. She has been published in an international magazine with a professional model, featured at a number of comiccons both in Canada and also internationally in the States.

She is a combination of show car and daily driver, and is constantly evolving.
Look for more pics and changes coming soon!

Lighting (HID and LED) is provided by Autobright Lighting and Tinting
Airbrush mural provided by Corrado Murals
Vinyl graphics provided by Vinyl By Trevor

  • This car was made in 2009 and I've driven it since 2014
  • The Ford Flex has been in production since 2008
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Custom LED glow

LED Lights

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New rims for the Poolmobile