Cadillac Coupe De Ville Lenox139 - French

About my car

Hello neighbors from afar, my Cadillac and me are French, it was made in Detroit in 1977 and born in 1978. Its first owner or owners (I don't really know) was Texan, then it was imported to France end of the nineties in the city of Bordeaux (yeah yeah red wine lol), then after about 20 years sold to me in summer 2018. By the way the city of Bordeaux is close to the city of Cadillac (Gironde, southwestern France), yes ! as many know or don't know, Cadillac was built in the US, but its origin is French, by the French explorer and adventurer Antoine de la Mothe-Cadillac, his name has been given to the famous auto company that you know. he also discover Detroit and was governor of Louisiana (french state) back in da dayzzzzzzz.

Well, my speech may seem chauvinistic cause i'm French, white, and rich... just kinding I really don't give a f*** about that French colomb, I save my money for about 10 years to buy my first US car and i'm proud of that, US car in France/Europe are really expensive guys ! Since my childhood, I always have been attracted about afro-american and hispanic culture, I grew up with music and movies from the black america, so I have unusual hobbies for a Frenchy haha ! I'm from the French Lowrider community and I will turn my Cad into a lowrider, actually I still don't know about hydraulic or air ride... have to think about it but I will wait, need money $$$.

EDIT 11/04/2019 : I'm actually waiting for my 13" wire from Cali (shipment by cargo), planned for April.

Black Coupe Deville

Sunroof top

Engine 7.0l 425Ci Big block

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