About my car

This is my 2002 Saab 9-3 SE! This car was my introduction to Saab, I purchased Gripen in October of 2016. I was in need of a new car as my last car was from 1984 (a hand me down Chevy Celebrity) and I needed something with a manual as I was the second to last person in my family to learn to drive stick (other than my younger brother who couldn’t drive the time). I spent 3 months looking at Jetta’s, CR-V’s and 5 Series within reasonable prices, but someone my father used to worked with daily drove Gripen, and every time I saw it i was in awe. Eventually after I had put in the work to save enough money for a new car, my family piled into our GMC Sierra and drove an hour to the guys house. With no idea, we pulled into his driveway and I saw 3 Saabs and 1 Volvo. But Gripen was the first to catch my eye. Ever since that October day, each time I got in the drivers seat, it felt like it was my first time. Each time I slammed my foot to the floor, my smile was as big as a 5 year olds first time riding in a Lamborghini.

I could imagine living without this car and it’s done me well. I learned how to replace my first clutch in it. I learned how to get unstuck from snow in it, I had my first real accident (i slid of the road and through a fence, ironically it was my grandmothers front yard) and no that I’m ready to move on to something more versatile (like an NG 9-3 sedan) I regret thinking in my mind it’s time to replace it. Because this car, in my heart is irreplaceable.

The specs!

This is a 2002 SE with the B250R EcoPower 2.0T which the original owner paired perfectly to the 5-speed manual. Almost 100% of this car is stock, i believe the other thing that isn’t stock is the oil filter ;)

Over the regular 9-3 SE, this one has the Sport Package with adds the rear spoiler, wheels which were later designated for the Aero model in 2003, a different front, side and rear fascias and a bulkier steering wheel (but not flat bottomed like the Viggen, unfortunately). This car is one of 390 (give or take a few) finished in Laser Red, with he manual and the B250R engine!! In my entire life, I think I have seen just three other Laser Red Saab’s (9-3 Aero SportCombi, 9-5 wagon and a ‘96 900 Cabrio)

Thanks for checking out Gripen and allowing me to share my pride, joy and passion with you!!

First V. Second