Ram Truck 1500 No Nick Name yet

About my car

So I went to the dealer to see what kind of deal i could make. And I was looking and seen Big Horn model and color I liked. They gave me a good value for my trade in that I could not pass up. It's nice heated seats and steering wheel with remote start and backup camera. Comes with close too 400 horse power. 8 speed trans. Still getting use to the knob to shift gears on the dash and push button for 4wd. But rides smooth and comfortable and the wife and family like it. More room in with the Crew Cab. Same wheel base from the 05. Bigger cab and shorter bed 5'7" from the 6'4"

Been getting all my add ons installed. Just finish installation of the front push bar and getting it ready to mount the Warn winch.

Well my 05 3500 started having issues with the ABS and Brake light coming on and having the brake pedal go to the floor. Not feeling safe to drive her in traffic. Plus she started showing cancer around the wheel wells.

  • This car was made in 2018 and I've driven it since 2018
  • The Ram Truck 1500 has been in production since 2010

Just looking at my truck out the window