About my car

Finally here are some updates to my Bmw!

Sorry for taking so long to give you guys an update

-22RPD Tune

-Airlift 3s

-1/4 Airline

-Viair 444c air compressor

-D2 racing air suspension

-SPC rear lower control arms

-partsshop max rear spherical solid rear trailing arm bushings

-m54b30 intake manifold, throttle body, MAF, IACV

-330xi fuel pump

-ChaseBays stainless steel vanos line

-Manzo catless headers

-Custom 3” stainless steel exhaust

-Magnaflow FlowFX muffler

-RTD shifter

-Kansei KNP wheels 18x10.5 +12

-Achilles 255/35/18

-THcomponents Rear over fenders

-partsshop Max solid center support bearing

On a AWD dyno hit 226hp 253tq with bad o2 sensors (Bad readings for air fuel to ecu)and 136 intake air temps (40 degree weather) to fix these issues I obviously ordered new o2 sensors, a innovate red DB wideband (matches the bmw red interior lights) and an enclosed air filter venting it to the fog light hole in my bumper, hoping with another re flash to my ecu, correct fuel ratings and lower temps I can hit closer to 250hp on the dyno this spring

Make sure to stay tuned to my wild adventures with this wonderful car!

*Widebody is not in any pictures, currently waiting for shipping information coming from Ireland to the United States*

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Widebody bagged e46

Body Kits

New rubber