Kallistis Zombie Hunter

About my car

This is my daughter's first Artcar I built this for her to drive in The Houston Artcar Parade. I built this using parts from several different items. The frame I built using mostly scrap steel I have picked up on trash days. The drivetrain is from a Murray riding mower, the front wheels are from a 1966 Bonneville 650 bobber. Hood is from a 70 gallon water heater, steel windshield is part of a shopping cart I cut up, the flames I cut from a 1972 steel merry go round as well as the floor pan. Steering linkage from a yerfdog built the harpoon cannon out of steel pipe and the steering fork assembly and handlebars off a 10 speed bike. Custom green paint courtesy of leftovers. It won second place in the Contraption category.

  • This car was made in 2017 and I've driven it since 2017

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