Ford Falcon Now it is Lil Blue Falcon

About my car

Well I had to say farewell to Sarge he had to leave for Mississippi where he's currently staying. I Traded him for this 1960 Ford Falcon, it has a ways to go to be a decent show car but for now I'd settle for a safe car. When I traded for it I was informed brakes were weak well they failed on me thank GOD I was still in my driveway when it happened. SOOOO now its in the shop getting the brakes done and a little upgrade from what was there. Stay tuned for bulid updates and current and future repairs. Thanx for lookin.

  • This car was made in 1960 and I've driven it since 2018
  • The Ford Falcon (1st Gen) was in production from 1960 to 1963

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Off to the repair shop for tail light issues.

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Autism Awareness car show at Maxwell Center


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