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About my car

First, and obviously, this isn't a 2013 C6 ZR1. It's a 2019 C7 Zr1, but the web page doesn't recognize those yet... Now for the story.

When the C6 ZR1 came out, I owned a C6 Z06. The specs for the ZR1 were so amazing that I really wanted to sell my Z06 and order one, but I just couldn't justify spending the money. Back then, the ZR1 was around 115K when a maxed out Z06 was about 85K-ish. So, I just hung on to my Z06 and was actually very happy with it.

Then, I ended up buying a new C7 Stingray in 2014, then upgrading that to a C7 Z06 in 2015. I thought I was done for a while. Well, enter the C7 ZR1 at 755HP and a great design all around. Again, I really wanted one. This time, I had a friend begging me to sell him my Z06 and I decided what the heck. So with the rumors of the ZR1 specs as my only thing to go on I went to a few dealers back in July of 2017 and asked to get on their ZR1 waiting list. To my surprise, none of them either had a ZR1 list or even knew anything about the car. So, I ended up as number 1 on the list at several central texas chevy dealers waiting for an allocation. Fast forward to around January of this year, Henna came through with an allocation and I got my order for a Triple Black, Big Wing (ZTK), ZR1 accepted by GM. However, Henna isn't a big corvette dealer so I figured I'd be waiting for my slot to come up for quite a while. Thinking that picking it up at the Corvette Museum (R8C option) would cut some delivery time off and be a fun thing to do for my son and I, I also opted for that.

Surprise! My car was built and ready for pickup at the museum on March 23rd, waaaay faster than I had expected. So off my son and I went to Bowlingreen KY! It was a great trip and the museum was impressive. No tours of the factory though, which is typically part of the pickup experience. The official excuse is that they're "refurbishing" the factory. However, it's the worst kept secret in the world that they're building the assembly line for the new c8 mid-engine and probably already running prototypes down that line.

The trip home to Austin was a blast. I let my 28 yr old son drive quite a bit and he was both thrilled and nervous at the same time. He told me later he was scared something would happen while he was driving. I told him it's just a car, enjoy the experience. The only problem we had was I picked up a nasty rock chip in my hood which is going to need repainting soon.

After all was said and done, my ZR1 was serial number 88, was the second one in the state of texas, and the first one in the central texas area (the first one in texas went to Dallas). So it's been and still is a very unique car in the area.

The first photo is the webcam photo that I saw a few days before I went and picked the car up at the museum. If you've never had the opportunity to do that, it's a great experience. I highly recommend it.

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ZR1 Dyno run at Aikman Performance


GM Performance CAI added to the ZR1

Air Intake

Rear carbon fiber APR V2 diffuser added to the ZR1.