Springfield, OR
My garage: Previously owned Ford F-Series Pruny

About my car

This is my Dads truck.He bought it when I was 5 1/2.Brand new off the lot.He bought it in town at the Kendall Ford Dealership in Springfield Oregon.I grew up in it.I learned to drive in it.Everything I ever did with my dad was in that truck.Vacations with mom.Trips to visit family in I dont know how many states.Camping fishing hunting hauling things for the yard and house.I had a great start on the restoration the worst was a busted 4x4 front hub and while it was parked on the street.Before I could get it moved in the driveway a guy took off fast from across the street on the opposite corner lost control and hit it head on center to drivers fender.Would have been worse but I had a 6000lb warn wench mounted in a big heavy steel box welded between the frame behind the bumper.That box saved it from worse damage.Didn't even ding the 3/8 plate box or the wench.I removed it and Im taking it back to stock.Like it origanilly was.So now round two.I have a new radiator mount and 4x4 front hub found and my son is going to get on the computer when he comes over and Use my credit card and order it and the hub I need.All I need after that is a grill and new front lights and turn signals.I got those located.Just have to go get them.Its getting closer every day.I do all the little things I can else where to get it looking nice and replacing a few little things.washer wiper tank,fuel pump on the side of the block.Thats cheap.Sand and paint the air cleaner not sure what color yet.Thanks for your time.I guess that about covers it.

  • This car was made in 1969 and I've driven it since 1969
  • The Ford F-Series (5th Gen) was in production from 1967 to 1972

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