About my car

Since my grade 9 year in high school I noticed this truck sitting in a guys front lawn. That was back in 2010. Few years ago i bought a 1984 f150 xlt lariat, one of the best trucks I've owned. I ended up cracking the frame and had to part it out. This past summer I went back to the guys house and talked to him about this blue 1985 xl f150. When i was talking to the guy he said it was parked cause of a broken brake line, he bought a newer truck instead of replacing the line.

So mid August i went back to the house and offered him 300 bucks. I thought he would haggle and try to get more for it but we shook hands on 300 then me and my good friend Ryan went to work. We took off the hose from the fuel pump to the stock fuel tank, threw a full-of-fresh-gas marine tank. hooked it all up, primed the line then attached it to the fuel pump then primed the pump with the primer on the tank. We then filled the float bowl in the carb. threw a battery in, drained and filled the oil with 5W20 Royal purple. filled the coolant with water, lightly sanded the terminals in the distributor, topped off the brake fluid, pumped the brakes best we could, turned the key and it fired right on up.

I let it warm up as we adjusted the carb and filled the tires with air. I then got in the truck, put it in reverse and started to rock it out of the hole it had sunk in. After a few minutes of the tired 300 Inline 6 waking up it got out of its resting spot and I drove it home. The short 3 KM drive was one of the scariest things I've done in a long time. The longer i drove the truck the more the truck vibrated and clunked and shook. Now aside from all the vibrations and everything, the truck didn't pull to either side, it responded well to throttle, the steering is very tight and doesn't wonder.

My future plans for this truck eventually is a drag truck. I have a 350 SBC torn apart for it with a 3 speed automatic. I'm on a search for a ford 9" with 4:10 gears and a limited slip. currently has a ford 8.8 with 3:07 on an open diff. I just ordered the drivers floor panel, rocker panel and cab corner as I am writing this. Hopefully the truck will be on its new frame come spring.

  • This car was made in 1985 and I've driven it since 2017
  • The Ford F-Series (7th Gen) was in production from 1980 to 1986

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