San Bernardino, CA
My garage: Ford Maverick Pheonix M2 (previously owned Ford Maverick Addie)

About my car

High school. First car. Almost a rite of passage for many, a year had passed since my great grandmother passed at the age of 97. This was her first and only cr purchased in 77. It was the deluxe model with AC disc brakes and power steering not to mention the two tone paint and vinyl top. However with her gone the car sat u til it dawned on me when I was asked what car I wanted to use my savings towards. Kids these days wanted fast and loud and new. Unlike many kids at my high school I was no fortunate son, although my parents offered to pitch in for a reliable new car, I knew I wanted a classic old car. At the time I was not mechanically inclined so the experience was life changing.

It was a rainy day a few days after valentines. The car had been left to my uncle who was willing to give it up however it was not right after the money he put into it. I offered to pay what he put into it which was 700$. First thing I was forced to do of course was gas and then wipers and it ran home great. With the rain coming down the song Fantasy by Earth Wind and Fire came on and I was the happiest kid in town. Until of course I pulled into my block and the car shut down from a bad battery.. yay.

A quick trip to Autozone and everything was solved but my family forced me to let them do what they could to make it sound so my amazing mother took it to a family mechanic and it was the perfect car for me.

Back in those days I remember ditching with seven or eight people crammed into the four door hot rod known around the school. Yea it was hot sitting on the leather seats but man did it feel like we belonged. Although it sounded loud, the engine was a 250 I line 6 but it sure as hell pulled its weight and never failed on me.

After high school I left to college and so did Addie, with a steady job at a fast food joint I put a flowmaster muffler and hey now it sounds like a v8. This car was unbelievable as I drove it to and from Joshua tree on multiple occasions, to latina beach and to big bear on a weekly basis, and even managed to off road in it and keep up with jeeps. Originally it only had 86,000 originally miles.

However it’s fate was decided as I was hired for a summer counseling job and was so excited I bought expensive waxes and cleaners down the street at Autozone and on the way back less than a quarter mile from home... I was hit. At a two lane street with a center divider some lady driving a Sentra decided to flip a u from the outer lane inside the lane I was in through the island separating oncoming traffic and clipped my fromt passenger panel and door. Now to those reading this gasping, her car was totaled. As for mine, we’ll they don’t make cars like they used to. I lost a trim panel and a some paint but Addie did not shut off and suffered no mechanical damage.

I went to my job in camp and left the car to be inspected by the insurance and was given the news the car would have to be totaled out. My grandfather who was looking out for me fought the inspector for a check just enough the car wouldn’t have to be totaled out. When I came back I was given a check for 2100$ and I was able to keep the car, dent and all. But I knew it would have to be smogged soon and it was not exempt and would not pass so I finally decided it was time for a new project.

A week later out of the blue I was called after listing the car for sale, a junkyard would give me 1900$ for it as is. So I waited a few days and saw a beat up 2-door 72’ Maverick with a 302 v8 engine for 4,000$. I decided I should upgrade. So me and my girlfriend got to work ripping off pieces I had put on Addie after two years of owning her. The new bf Goodrich Radial classic tires, air shocks and suspension swag bars and links, the shackle kit and new radiator and hoses. Lightbulbs and chrome trim, whatever wouldn’t affect its driving I took off and replaced with what I tot off when I got it. Until finally it was a single seat and engine with four junkyard tires and the next day I drove it to the junkyard. As I watched it driven away, I cried. I thought of my great grandmother, my nana, Adelaide, for it was her car but I knew she was laughing from up above at me holding onto her car and she would’ve wanted me to get what I want. I was given the check for 1900$ and drive straight to the bank to withdraw 3000$. This was a week after findin Pheonix and having everyone I could call The man selling her and lowballing, 2100$, 2600$, 2800$ until finally I got the price to 3,000$ from 4,000$. I went straight to his house and got the next project. As I drive my current maverick I can’t help but remember Addie and how she served me well. In the end I can be thankful that I wouldn’t see her around town knowing someone else had her. May she rust in peace.

  • This car was made in 1977 and I've driven it since 2015
  • The Ford Maverick was in production from 1970 to 1977

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