Ford Maverick Pheonix M2

San Bernardino, CA
My garage: Ford Maverick Pheonix M2 (previously owned Ford Maverick Addie)

About my car

Can you remember your first drive in a car you couldn’t wait to fix up? I remember, I saw the ad and couldn’t believe I was there standing as the garage opened and there sat my next project. The gentleman who sold it to me treated it well and told me the story of how this lucky soul was saved. He was he second owner, the first was an elderly gentleman whom had passed a year before the second owner purchased it. The plan was to turn it into a drag car with the insides gutted and most of the smog equipment plugged. The car was never finished but never died.

After talking the young man named Conner handed me the keys and said wanna drive it before you buy it, I couldn’t believe it. Just driving it I could feel the powerful heartbeat of each cylinder as it purred through the quiet suburb. Before returning Conner said hey why don’t you burnout. My heart stopped, I couldnnt believe what I was hearing, with no hesitation I filled the summer air with the roar of an American classic and burned rubber smoked the street. It was love. Two weeks later I returned with the rest of the money, an agreed total of 3,000$, and drove Pheonix home. The name was a living testament to my previous Maverick, Addie whom I had scrapped the very same day sadly. As I pulled Pheonix into her new home some 30 miles away I knew it would be work, but it would be one hell of a ride.

  • This car was made in 1972 and I've driven it since 2017
  • The Ford Maverick was in production from 1970 to 1977
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