Chevrolet Suburban Black Hulk Rumbler

About my car

In 1993 I was in high school, when I first seen dat style of suburban, n I seen how d fully load one look n how d sports style was so sweet, so for dat day on I wanted one, will years pass by n I couldn't find dat just rite model. In 2008 just as my car audio company was in its starting up, d right one pull up to get a complete kit put in it, $1300 later it was prefect just for me, but it wasn't, week after week, it pass by hitting look like a dream, years years later, 2012 hit n d truck was park for years cuz d owner had trouble keeping up w it, so one day I stopped n asked about it n she threw me a price I couldn't grab at d time, but months pass n she say it had to go to pay for major bills, so she dropped d price so low dat she drove it to my home n 2 pay checks later, I had it rolling, now its 2015-17 n I have redesign it to wht u c now, but I got a whole lot of work I plan to do to it, so watch d run, it Hulk tyme, playboa Kapac style😯😯😯💪💪👍

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