Toyota Tundra Storm Trooper

About my car

My story begins with me in my 2013 Spruce Toyota Tacoma Sport. My Dream Truck had always been a full size tundra. In the beginning of summer of 2016 work was going well, bills were paid, and my local Toyota dealer had been contacting me almost every other day for a month asking to buy my truck back. After a nudge from my girlfriend telling me to see what they could do I decided to go. After 3 hours of back and fourth and me about to walk out, they were decided to give me what I was looking for. It was on that day, the Storm Trooper Build Began. I have slowly pieced this rig together over the last year and a half. All but the suspension, and amp power steps, and Light bars had been bought (slightly used) either from other owners or other vendors. What you see here is the current views of where it sits now. Below are the details. I still have much I want to do, like a custom bed rack and a bed mounted tent. Compressed Air tank installed for airing up and down on the trails, interior lighting, sound system, etc. I will post more pics, to come, these were just what I had available.

Lift and Tires:

3 inch Icon Stage 2 Lift with the Expansion Pack (2.0 Rear Shocks with add-a-leaf)
Icon Uni-ball Upper Control Arms

18x9 Level 8 Guardians wheels

37x13.5 Wildpeak At’s

Cab Mount Chop and Skid Plate

Removed Sway bar


Spyder Headlights (6k bulbs)

Opt-7 Flood Lights

#41 inch light bar fab into bumper
#41inch Light bar fab into hood bulge

Rear Facing LED's Pods for camping/reverse (by switch)

Rock Lights x8 (digi- Diodes)


Fiberwerx Fiber Glass Fenders

DAP tuned

Series 44 Flowmaster muffler

K/N Air Filter


Auto Start

Amp Power Fold Steps

Tri-Fold and Lock Hard Solid Style Tonneau Cover

ESP Under seat storage

X-Restyling Front Custom Grill

Vinyl Roof/Bumpers Wrapped Black

Limo Window Tint

GPS Navigation
XM Radio
Tow Package
Trailer Brake Assist Controller
De-badged truck

Welcome Screen Hack (Storm Trooper)

Weather-tech Floor mats

Custom Storm Trooper Gear Shift

Momentum 5 Dash Cam
Customer Radar Mount hard Wired

Center Console Organize

Magnetic Mounts Driver side.

Smoked Tail lights

  • This car was made in 2015 and I've driven it since 2016
  • The Toyota Tundra (II) has been in production since 2007
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