Indianapolis, IN

About my car

I had a 1991 Ford F350 Ambulance that no longer fit our family needs as a camping vehicle (we outgrew it). I needed to get rid of it as it was sitting in storage and I was tired of paying the storage fees. I posted for sale on multiple sites, received lots of interest, but never had any solid leads to come and look at it. Long story short, my buddies brother had an old clapped out 1988 Bronco II that had been beaten to a pulp that he had planned to run in a Gambler 500. He was low on funds, so he didn't have the cash flow to get it up and going. I was going to lose my ass on the ambulance either way I looked, so he and decided to trade straight up. He was able to put the Ambulance to use and I got yet another project vehicle... though this one fits in my garage at home.

Sorry, I've been busy. I haven't made a post yet.