Cadillac Sedan De Ville Dark Nite Prawler

About my car

Well d caddy was sitting at Southern switches, n at d time I was having a new born, my first micro preme baby boy, n I had a rental car n I was up to $3800 on it at two weeks, I had $1300 left, my baby n mother called n said dere been released so I had 4hrs to find a car r give up $400 on d rental plus mileage n gas for d weekend r buy a car n b done w d rental so I call up Glenn ask if he had a car for under $1000, he say come by I may help u out, so I did, I wasn't a caddy person, but I needed a full size to carry lilone n his breathing machine, n d only one full size was d 1992 caddy, fully loaded, so he drop d price on it cuz he hadn't had d chance to work on it, so he drop it to $$$ n she took us everywhere lilone had to go safely, so she is now being turn in to a show car as we read. One man junk, next men blessing I say!!!

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