Menomonie, WI
My garage: Nissan 300ZX

About my car

I got my Z31 at the beginning of this past summer. I had a Honda CBR954 crotch rocket before this and sold it about a week before I got this car. This car was basically a replacement for my bike. I drove it all of this past summer and I love this thing. It isn't super fast or anything, but it is a lot of fun to drive and it looks pretty cool too (in my opinion). I would love to do some engine upgrades as well as paint it and do a ton of stuff to it, but we will see how the next few years go and see what happens.

  • This car was made in 1987 and I've driven it since 2017
  • The Nissan 300ZX (Z31) was in production from 1983 to 1989

Sorry, I've been busy. I haven't made a post yet.