Kings County, NY

About my car

We bought this truck in winter of 2015 with a totaled frame and just were going to have it as a parts truck, but I convinced my dad to make it a huge father son project and for it to be my present for when i got my license in november of 2016, me and my father spent a year and a half rebuilding the totaled frame and reworking the engine to this stock silverado parts truck, We put a lot of blood, sweat, and beers into this truck(only my dad on the last one😂) but it was an amazing experience with my dad and it made us grow so much closer as father and son and after we were finished i did a ton of body mods to make it just how I wanted it to look when i had a dream of it after looking at the truck before we started rebuilding it, i put over 1500+ in body mods just to make it like my dream, And now its the truck you see here today in these pictures, I couldnt have done it without you dad I love you..I hope you all enjoyed reading about this cause I love this truck more than most people..Have a nice day everybody!!

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