About my car

I had bought a 99 f-250 when my wife and I started dayting back in 2008. It was a darn nice looking pickup too even though it wasn't very old and it only had 72k on the odometer. In 2013 my wife hit a patch of ice on the highway with it and lost control causing her to role it... Don't worry she was ok, just shooken up a little bit. But the truck was totaled out... It stat for about a year in my pole shed when I finnally had missed having it bad enough I decided to rebuild it... I bought my brothers 2000 Harley Davidson eddition f150 and used the cab and box from it to build mine back... I took and completely striped the frame down and started fresh... Every single last part that was still good in my f-250 went into the Harley Davidson. Everything from a complete drivetrain to the interior of the pickup... I pretty much took and turned a half ton pick and fully customised it to a Harley Davidson limited edition 3/4 ton pickup. It went from a darn nice truck that I bought 4 yrs before this to a drop dead gorgeous pickup that no one else has... All 4 of my kids came home in this pick-up, it was at my wife's and my wedding and any trips we went on, we took this pick... I bought it with 72k and as of today when it got parked in the garage, it has 241k on it... Their are a lot of memories in this pick-up and I'm not ready to let go of any of them...

Deer hunting