Neptune City, NJ
My garage: Pontiac Trans Am

About my car

My first car bought it when I was 18 my grandmother helped me by the car because she thought it was a nice sports car 😊 My parents were not happy about this purchase. Came with a 403 olds motor and had a sunroof

Today it's gotta Pontiac 455/ 467 butler motor Ford 9" quick performance rear F B performance turbo 350 transmission race built

Last year best e/t was 10.63 @127 mph car weighs 3650 without me in it

Did some upgrades sense than along with NOS hoping for very low 10s on motor

I'm 41 now and so happy I still held on to the car somehow. Thanks GrandMom miss you ❤️

Sorry, I've been busy. I haven't made a post yet.