Chevrolet C/K Sargent slaughter

About my car

This was the junker at a second hand car lot, full of garbage, and I payed to much $700. I built it up for offroad use and I raced my buddy on a crotch rocket. In front of my mom's house, well it didn't work out I blew my rear axle and drove it without a rear driveline home.

My wife was pissed off about it, told her I would fix it, however she never new it was going bigger also.

I called all resources I had and couldn't afford any Dana 60s, so next best 2.5 tons, I'll just go bigger than anticipated, and went back next week to my dad's shop and the wheels and tires got stolen, part of the trade and cash. For my new 2.5 ton axles, worked another deal, started building and with advise from Mark boyce at boyce equipment, built more and more.

With the new 52" rear spring swap and custom crossmembers taken from pics I'd seen In alot of 1980s magazines of monster trucks my build was coming along.

Well I'm not Ritch so I couldn't afford a 1800hp motor so a mild sbc 350 making about 350hp, going through the sm465 manual transmission into a 205, with a 7" slip yoke to a 2.5 ton tranfercase as a drop box just like they used in the 80's.

It runs 23.1-26 tires not yet competition cut, with custom rims made by me, it will keep getting built and yes I have wanted to sell it, but just can't separate myself from it, I don't know why, lots of good times.

From 33" tires to 60+ tires it never will be done but how many reproduction early 1980s monster trucks do you see,

We have been through it all thieves steeling parts, gas, battery's, ignition, and I'm sure more, to come I'm sure but it's still getting built.........

  • This car was made in 1975 and I've driven it since 2005
  • The Chevrolet C/K (3rd Gen) was in production from 1973 to 1987

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