About my car

When I started driving I drove my brothers duallies ever since I've always wanted a truck. So I bought my 1st truck in June of 2015. I'm in the process of overhauling her. Shes 1 of my babies and I'm kind of obsessed with her. In the last four weeks I have done more to my truck than I have in the full 2 yrs I have owned it. I've replaced hubs, rotors, calipers, brake pads, front bumper & bumper guard, new headlight and fog light assemblies all in led, leds in the interior, new led tail lights, plugs and wires, oil change, new grill, new rear bumper, turn signal bulbs are led, also replaced evap solenoid on the engine, I'm getting ready to put new shocks on the back, I've had it on 20" rims pretty much the whole time I've had it but looking to change those after the 1st of the year. Yes I've done the work myself with friends helping when needed. Next spring I plan to put new / bigger cam, bigger springs, headers, lift kit, new rims, and redo interior. I will be doing more upgrades this weekend. I'm hoping to have mods done by the time the 4 wheel jamboree gets here and I plan on putting her in the Jamboree in 2018 and maybe in the Lima, OH Jamboree. Suggestions are welcome.



Out with the old and in with the new


New bumpers


Minor maintenance


Not sure which Rims to get


Led Lights

LED Lights

Tax time cant come soon enough