Yacolt, WA
My garage: Chevrolet Camaro

About my car

Since purchased I have changed all the exterior lighting and added the black CAMARO lettering to the Berger panel.

Underneath she received a tube K-member and A-arms, shock tower strut, Strano master cylinder brace, tube adjustable LCA's, torque arm and relocation bracket, adjustable panhard rod, Strano 35mm front and 22mm rear hollow sway bars and Strano 1.5" lowering springs with Koni "Yellow" shocks. BMR sub-frame connectors and a Midwest Chassis driveline loop.

Under the hood the original LS1 engine with 87K miles got a new Comp cam,LS6 heads from a Z06 Vette with Comp Cams springs ,LS7 lifters, hardened pushrods and a Katech C5R timing chain. Also new Prothane motor and transmission mounts.

Exhaust is all stainless steel, ARH headers and ORY with GMMG chambered exhaust.(400rwhp)

I also bought a new LS7 clutch kit with ARP bolts and a RAM 19.5lb aluminum flywheel,new Tick Performance adjustable clutch master cylinder with speed bleeder and an MGW short throw shifter.

Wheels are OE Wheels repop Z06 style,9.5X18 front with Michelin Pilot Sport 275/35-18 tires and on the back 10.5X18 with Michelin Pilot Sport 315/30-18 tires.

Sorry, I've been busy. I haven't made a post yet.