Scion FR-S Kilo Brick

About my car

After first laying my eyes on the FR-S/86/BRZ twins back in 2013 at the annual auto show in my city, I instantly wanted one. For years I fought with car after car yet still saved in hopes I'd finally get my hands on one. After searching for a little more than a year for the perfect one, I found the one I have dubbed 'Kilo Brick'. Already since March of 2019 we've been through all kinds of crazy, from making new friends from all over the country, through heartbreak and even going without her while she was in the shop for 3 months having her front end rebuilt after a lifted chevy ran her over in the parking lot at work! This may just be a car to most but Kilo is my escape from reality. #fa20.kilo

  • This car was made in 2013 and I've driven it since 2019
  • The Scion FR-S has been in production since 2012
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