About my car

Hey gearheads and rust enthusiasts,

This is the Big Bad Wolf. It's an Arizona car that remained in the west it's entire life, and as nature would have it, found its way to me.

I'm currently doing a 6.0 LS/ 4L60E swap on it. I plan to keep the original patina it's worked so hard for. Luckily for me, it hasn't undergone any rookie mechanical or cosmetics.

My last car was a 1966 Pontiac Bonneville hearse, which I sold to Zak Bagans of the Ghost Adventures tv show. That car is currently a driver, and on display at his new Haunted museum at Las Vegas blvd & Charleston in downtown Las Vegas.

After the '62, I'll be building a 1969 Caddy hearse that will be a ground up build.

🙏in rust we trust🍻

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