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About my car

I bought this vehicle in 2006, and I have never had any problems, other than regular maintenance, I've put three transmissions in it, 3 starters, about that many alternators, several batteries, new clutches over the last 13 years. Keep the oil changed, when I change the oil I always throw in a can of Restore (it has 208,000 miles), keep it tuned up, does not use oil, and it has a new muffler system and new A/C system, shocks. I installed a new head liner, new anti slush module, new head light switch and head light dimmer switch, wiper/washer control on steering column. When I get tag renewed in January, I will be getting a antique tag, never have to buy a tag again. I plan on using the vehicle until it wears out, or I die first.

  • This car was made in 1992 and I've driven it since 2006
  • The Ford Explorer (1st Gen) was in production from 1991 to 1994

New water pump


snow melting


Hot pepper time


hot here in the Magnolia State


hot in the south


new head liner


Installed new fuel pump/float

DIY Repair

traveling in lil man, my 1992 explorer sport