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So at the time I was Driving my 92 Rs Camaro working at an Aircraft Cabinet shop. Some guy just shows up at the shop and asks if the RS is mine, I said yes and he said that his friend that worked on helicopters at the airport also had one that he was looking to sell. I am thinking to myself it is probably a junker sitting somewhere rotting. But I take the bait and tell him i may be interested. He didn't even know what model it was.I talk to the guy on the phone once and then I didn't hear from him again for about a month. so it slips my mind for awhile. Then out of the blue he calls my and asks if I am still interested. I said I am and he says the car has to be removed that day from where it was located because the house was in foreclosure, He said just come get it. It was quite a few miles away from me and I really had no way to go get it other then a towtruck. So I called a tow service having no idea what I was getting. so about 11pm that night I see a towtruck backing up into my driveway. I have had the car now for about 3 years. I have done a bit of work to it since then but it is far from perfect yet. It is however a daily driver. I do not believe cars were meant to sit in a garage they are meant to be Drivn!!!!Mispel intentional =D

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My 1992 Chevrolet Camaro RS Heritage


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