United States

About my car

This is Vera. Named after the obsession of a character in the show firefly being similar to my obsession with her. Lol

She started off with no intent of modifying for offroad use. Wanted to be able to tow a quad and get to some fishing holes. Once i found she was a little short i got her lifted.

A buddy invited me out to see what it could do and mpre or less make fun of me for how often i got stuck which back fired. To the date the only time i get stuck is high centered.

Its got a 4" lift. Front rear lockers ehich are an axle swap not factory. V8 with locking transfercase amd a clutch fan off a gm 5.7l.

If there was ever a 1 of a kind vehicle this is it. I built the bull bar and the rear swing out tire carrier

Lighting up the way all. around

Off-Road Lights