Ford Mustang Sydney RMR 8490

About my car

I always wanted a mustang as my husband has a 69 fastback.

My cousin's cousin Cindy passed away unexpectedly from a traffic accident in Feb of 2011. She left one morning, on her way to college classes to be a Respiratory Therapist & then she was gone. I got a call from my cousin that Cindy died in a traffic accident. I took it hard as she is the same age as me. I sat in the dark in my rocking chair, thinking about how you don't know how life is going to turn out.

I figured since life is uncertain then maybe you should try get what you always wanted to enjoy now. If anything happens to least I got to drive my dream car! My husband found this color, but I didn't like it until I saw this color in person & that's the color I had to have!

We got her in June 2011. She is Lava Red in color. There were only 1,120 painted this color in a V6 coupe.

She is a member of the Red Mustang Registry #8490 and the M6A national & Pa chapter

She makes me happy EVERY time I get in to drive her!!.

  • This car was made in 2012 and I've driven it since 2012
  • The Ford Mustang (5th Gen) was in production from 2005 to 2014

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