Ford Mustang Christine RMR 1262

About my car

2006 I wasn't looking for a car. The wife however wanted to get a bigger car. So to humor her we went thru a lot one night. Thats when i saw her. The moonlight was bright and i could just hear her whispers. The next day i bought her. A 2002 Laser Red Premium GT. Leather, 5spd and the Mach 1000 sound system. I was In love. In 2012 I did a 4v Mark VIII swap, but modded. I wrote a write up and became known as 32vNomad. The rest is history.

Along the way I've met a lot of folks that have my mustang life fun and interesting. I also found the folks at Red Mustang Registry. There a great bunch of people with a great love for the Mustang. Thank you for your time.


RMR#1262 Christine

A fine Laser Red GT.

Current Mod list.

SR drop springs⚬SR rear control arms⚬offset rack bushings⚬13in Brake upgrade⚬cross drolled/sloted rotors⚬3:73 gears⚬aluminum driveshaft⚬accented interior⚬Mark VIII Intech-forged assembly, ported C Heads/intake(Mach 1 lower/Cobra top)⚬Quantum 340 fuel pump⚬Bassani mid-length headers and power Xpipe⚬MAC cat-back.

New update installed: On3 FF gen2 Single turbo kit w/ 67mm cbb turbo. UPR K Member.

  • This car was made in 2002 and I've driven it since 2006
  • The Ford Mustang (4th Gen) was in production from 1994 to 2004
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