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About my car

Sleipnir is a 2012 3.7L Cyclone. He is named after the horse Odin rides in Norse mythology. Sleipnir is a former daily driver, farm pony, and I enter him in at some car shows.

The modding process has been a bit slow as I’m in between a Mach 1 or Boss look. I do some of these mods myself with the help of my husband, (adoptive) dad & bestie. The original hood with the Boss style stripe was replaced with a 2010 GT hood in 2018 due to corrosion. I have done a lot of custom hand painting throughout the interior & applied the carbon fiber vinyl myself.

• Clubs/Affilations: Red Mustang Registry (RMR 1861), The All Girl Registry (TAG 064)

• Current list of mods:

🔸MMD Quarter Window Louvers

🔸3DCarbon taillight blackout panel in matte black

🔸2010 Mustang GT hood

🔸3DCarbon headlight splitters

🔸Street Scene Front Lip Spoiler

🔸Boss 302 valance

🔸SMF2 (16 lumens) LED License Plate Lights in Red

🔸Redline Quicklift Plus Hood Struts

🔸Strut Tower Covers in black

🔸Strut tower brace

🔸Modern Billet Chrome Oil Dipstick Handle - Tri Bar Logo

🔸Custom painted radiator cover (hand painted myself)

🔸 Custom painted fuse box cover (hand painted myself)

🔸 Custom painted console lid (hand painted myself)

🔸Seat Armour Center Console Cover - Tri-Bar Running Pony

🔸 Vinyl wrapped steering wheel

🔸Viking knot work Sleipnir on driver's side stereo speaker (hand painted myself)

🔸Fender Gripper Trunk Liner

🔸Weathertech Black Floor Liners

🔸 Motorcraft SW-6659 Headlamp Switch

🔸SMD2 (24 lumens) LED Map Lights in Red

🔸SMF2 (16 lumens) LED Trunk Light in Red

  • This car was made in 2012 and I've driven it since 2012
  • The Ford Mustang (5th Gen) was in production from 2005 to 2014
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