About my car

My guy and I bought our V6s (Challenger SXT Plus for me and a Camaro RS) one day apart brand new in 2014. He upgraded to a Camaro ZL1 this Spring. He wanted me to upgrade as well. I said I would IF we could find a Furious Fuchsia Challenger. We started looking and I found this car, 4hours away. I emailed the dealer that had it about 11pm. I got a call at 8am the next day and set it up. We drove down with my trade and drove it home. She is 102/400 SRTs done in Furious Fuchsia. She was sent from Dodge straight to Hurst and the Performance Plus Package was installed. I absolutely adore my car!

  • This car was made in 2010 and I've driven it since 2017
  • The Dodge Challenger SRT8 has been in production since 2008

Sorry, I've been busy. I haven't made a post yet.