Chevrolet Corvette Silverback

About my car

I've always wanted a chrome bumper C3 since I was a kid. Frankly, I'm too tall for the car at 6'7" but I make it work because I love the looks of the car. I purchased it from someone in OK who had started the restomod work but didn't finish it. He had done the paint and body work including the flares. That's what drew me to the car. The drivetrain, interior, and a lot of small things needed completed. I've spent a lot of time on the interior getting it into good shape. As you can see by a couple pics above, I put in a Dakota Digital dash, which was fun. I had to chase a lot of wiring problems to get these all to work, but luckily I'm an electrical engineer. I've added the Hooker headers and side pipes which, in my opinion, are a must on this car. The engine and tranny are the current focus. The car has a 454 that's been bored .030 over. It had Speed Pro pistons, Eagle rods, and crank with a Magnum 280HR cam. I'm currently redoing everything above the short block including Edelbrock Performer RPM heads, Edelbrock Performer dual plane intake, Edelbrock E-Street 2 EFI, MSD 6AL ignition control, MSD distributor, polished serpentine belt system, and so on and so on. I'll get some pics of that work in progress up here this weekend. With all the performance work, I'm hoping to reach at least 450HP. As soon as the install is done and the FI is tuned a bit, I'll be heading for a dyno to see how we did. Next up will be front and rear suspension upgrades so I can lower the car a bit. It rides a little to high for me and is far too spongy. Early on last year, I mistakenly rebuilt the steering with new parts but it's stock. I should have just bit the bullet and did the upgrade then. Oh well. More to come.

  • This car was made in 1971 and I've driven it since 2016
  • The Chevrolet Corvette C3 was in production from 1967 to 1982

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