Nissan 240SX Stinky Pinky

Wilmington, NC

About my car

Bought in 2014 with a blown up S13 Sr20, which was MIA. Nursed back to health and currently in need of body work and some paint.

So far, i have done no upgrades this year to the car, but i did swap valve covers in January. The boost/vacuum gauge is starting to stick so i will replace that next. I am intending on putting either HKS or Buddy Club exhaust on it later this year, maybe a T28 turbo. Update: the HKS exhaust is on the car, but it needs to be adjusted, I do not like how low it sits and it scrapes too much, but it does sound awesome and otherwise I'm very happy with it. My Craigslist searches have allowed me to be able to find a realistically priced set if SE seats to replace the blue ones in my car, which are getting picked up tonight, but it's just the fronts. After a bit of cleaning (lots) they are installed in the car and look good. They are zenki SE seats, and i have Kouki door cards, but nonetheless they still look pretty good. As of 10-31-17 a second catch can was added as well as a single sub and amp so i can enjoy my music and to drown out the exhaust sound when i don't want to hear it on trips. The 6.5 speakers just don't cut it. Also i am looking into a bumper lip right now as well as an aluminum intake pipe to replace the factory rubber one, I'm leaning towards the KTS one, which is reasonably priced and is a decent upgrade. A few months ago i scored a Greddy baffled oil pan for a good price, so maybe in the future ill throw that on too. The car is a rolling project but has been pretty solid thus far.

  • This car was made in 1995 and I've driven it since 2014
  • The Nissan 240SX (S14) was in production from 1995 to 1998

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