About my car

Long term project at this point. Have put a ton of work into my caR since I purchased it in 2015. This car is my dream car and I still can't believe that a scumbag like myself owns one. At this point, the only parts that have really gone unreplaced/unserviced are the fuel pump and steering rack. After nearly a year of installing an engine that was later revealed to be junk, two transmission installs (the first M66 was broken), new clutch, single mass flywheel mod, NSS bypassed, new slave cyl, an AWD service, new axles, new timing components, vvt solenoid, cam seals, and both differentials serviced, the oil pump failed on the engine. I towed it back to my mechanic and had the pump and sensor replaced. The engine runs very well now, but has metal shavings in the oil. There is no chance I will be driving my caR with this engine in it.
I plan to find a B5254T5 engine out of a 2005-2009 S60 T5, rebuild it, have the head machined, intake ported, shimmed, and do it the right way with little to no modifications. At this point, I will do anything to have her running and driving again. She is too special to me to part out and is 1 in ~50 for 2005 red/nordkapp m66 combo. No more gambles.

To have the car roadworthy again it will need an engine, some various accessories, new tires, and new 4c struts, and necessary hardware.
2005 Volvo S60 R AWD

Manufactured September 16, 2004 in Ghent, Belgium

Passion Red on Nordkapp Blue

110k on engine estimated 330k on chassis

M66 manual swapped

Original owners manual and window sticker

Climate package - heated seats, rain sensing windshield, sunroof

17" original Pegasus wheels

Zero accidents, branded title due to odo rollback

Sold new in November 2004 at Corleys Lincoln Volvo Mercury in Albuquerque, New Mexico

211,000 miles in July 2010 under Owner 2

244,000 miles in Sept 2011 under Owner 3

Brought to Florida in early 2012

Was in copart Miami for dents and scrapes and rollback odo

Showed 92,000 in copart photos (I have them) sometime in 2013

Purchased in Aug 2015 from owner 3 at 107,600


I have the full Carfax as of January 2020

Underwent mechanical restoration from March 2019 to May 2020


+New headlight lenses, fog lamps, headlight bulbs,

From Eurosporttuning Mississauga Ontario

Turn signal reflector removed

Headlight wipers uninstalled

OE aero spoiler in red

New pass side a pillar gutter cover in red

Roof repainted in July 2019

Drilled and slotted rotors

Big OE brembo calipers, 320mm rotor

Yokohama Advan Sport AS 235/45/17 tires installed last year, virtually no wear

No missing body panels or misalignment

No non R parts outside of a pillar covers on interior

No fucking plasti dip or shitty repaint or grille work or ricey intake

New fog light grilles

New bumper front corner brackets right and left

Tinted windows

Looks clean and shiny

Good from a distance


Has front sandstorm / desert rash

All over front

Dents all over

Passenger rear wheel well outside where it's painted has an open gash from tire blowout under previous owner

Clear coat starting to come up on some plastic panels, not on any bumpers though

Wheels are curb rashed, two pegs are bent but hold air and are balanced out

Needs front wheel liners


Installed by Volvostop Pompano Beach March - May 2019


Rebuilt 2007 B5254T4 engine with 110k before rebuild

2.5T 5 cylinder engine, high pressure Borg Warner KKK24 Turbo 14.7psi


New o rings gaskets seals etc.

2006 K24 turbo, no v-band clamp

Mamba braided lines

New PCV system

No engine modifications, all factory

New engine mounts, hydraulic mounts

Catless 3" stainless exhaust, no res, magnaflow muffler custom tip

BCM Reprogrammed, new brake booster sensor

New OE spark plugs and Bosch OE coil packs on warranty

Only high grade synthetic 5w40 used. Appropriate viscosity, high heat resistance for Florida


Needs OTE pipe installed (magnesium), has T5 OTE pipe (plastic) currently, I have the part uninstalled with a coupler

Could use snabb intake tube

Could use PCM relocation from wheel well to trunk

Could use new fuel pump, haven't replaced yet, yet works fine


Used to be AW-55 Geartronic automatic

M66 sourced from Erie Vovo in Whitesboro, New York

Installed by Selective Automotive Devices Hallandale Beach, Florida


Spec Single Mass Flywheel

New clutch slave master cyl

New engine mount and trans torque mount

NSS Bypassed

TCM Bypassed

@s60rr manual file flashed

AWD works


If engine is turned off in reverse lights stay on


Overall 7/10 condition no rips or tears anywhere


Some damage on brushed aluminum trim, door panels

Carpets stained

Shift knob worn

No premium audio package

No boost gauge

Driver's seat has bolster wear and leather finish coming off on outer bolster


Kenwood DDX575BT w Bluetooth, mic and steering wheel controls (metra axxess module)

Passenger seat has little wear

2007 Kicker 8" sub and 2018 kicker 500w 2ch. Amp

Heated seats work

New steering wheel (original from 09/04 matching prod. Dates) installed last year with nav controls that can be wired to aftermarket components

All seat motors work

New cluster cover

No droopy a pillar fabric

Working sunroof

New sunroof fabric

Original headliner in great condition

Repainted center console

Allweather black carpet mats and original rubber vintermats (2008)

6 original cupholders, napkin dispenser

Newer 790 CCA Interstate Battery

Original spare

Working cruise control



New Delrin subframe bushings

New front axles

Upper and lower Control arm bushings

Ball joints replaced


Needs struts and harnesses for 4C


4C struts front and rear

Wheels refurbished

Engine shim in block between each cylinder as preventative failure measure

OE windshield at some point, current one is fine but no rain sensor for wipers

DIM mileage read and verified and corrected to show original

Paint or paint correction

Dent correction

Some interior work

New door speakers

Have not replaced yet:

Power steering system

Steering rack

Fuel pump


Angle gear (always has worked)

Heater core

Replaced in last 3 months: OE unless specified

Or installed for manual conversion:

Master cyl



Shifter and cover


Wiring harness

Front Axles - Trakmotive


Pressure plate

Flywheel - SPEC Single Mass


Subframe bushings - Delrin

Engine mount, rear

Fluid line inside transmission leading to slave

Axle seals

Main seals

Angle gear seal

Trans fluid

Angle gear fluid

Differential fluid front and rear

Heater core hose

Water pipe turbo gasket

VVT Solenoid - exhaust side

Crank sensor

RPM sensor

Timing belt


Water pump

Idler pulley

Leather stitched gauge cluster cover

Negative wire to amplifier

A/C refrigerant recharged

Not long before that:

OE AC compressor

Nissen radiator

PCV System

Cooling hoses

Brake booster sensor

Front brake pads

Brake fluid

Coolant level sensor and tank

Tank cap

15% tint
R1 Concepts Drilled and slotted rotors
StopTech pads
Full custom turboback catless 3" exhaust +res delete + magnaflow muffler
DEPO fog lights
Yi dash-cam
SS front torsion bar washer mod
EuroSport Tuning glass headlight lenses with no reflectors
15mm H&R spacers in back
Spec SMF

  • This car was made in 2005 and I've driven it since 2015
  • The Volvo S60 R was in production from 2000 to 2010
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Volvo S60R update 2020 - new engine, manual swap, awd refresh


PCV system + tune up

DIY Repair

OEM Aero spoiler install


Radiator replacement

DIY Repair

Exhaust update