About my car

After rolling my truck in February and all the insurance bs was done and over i decided while im fixing up my Ram i needed something else to drive... It had to be a Dodge and it had to have the 5.7L HEMI!!! I did a bunch of searching and found this Beauty!!! A 2010 Charger RT, she has the 5.7L HEMI, optional rear wheel or all wheel drive, touch screen radio/dvd player, duel climate control and so so so much more!!! I am so in love with my new HEMI... she is the Beauty to go with my Beast!!!

  • This car was made in 2010 and I've driven it since 2017
  • The Dodge Charger (6th Gen) has been in production since 2006
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Time to glow!!!

LED Lights

Loving the snow!!!


Mountain drive


My new HEMI