About my car

This is my 2016 Mazda ND MX-5 GT. She is Ceramic White with black interior. She is my Summer DD. I've been looking to get one of these cars since they came out and since my 90 MX-5 is not able to be driven a lot I thought it was a good time to pull the trigger! More pictures to come! I have put an Exhaust on, Full LED Conversion, Rev9 Black Emblems, and Rev9 Front lip. I Also Tweaked the Infotainment system to have custom backgrounds and Android Auto!

  • This car was made in 2016 and I've driven it since 2017
  • The Mazda MX-5/Miata (ND) has been in production since 2016
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Carbon Miata Spyder Grill Install


More Grip!


Hacked the Factory Infotainment System, Installed Android Auto!


Front License Plate Bracket Install


Upgraded my exhaust sooner rather than later.


Finished LED Conversion Reverse/Dome/Trunk/ and License Plate Lights.

LED Lights

Bye Bye Pin Stripes!