Buick Wildcat El Gato Salvaje

Watsonville, CA

About my car

This was my 1964 Buick Wildcat with the Original Drivetrain and original Factory paint color except for the roof top, the interior had the original seat material.. I just replaced the headliner and package trey with some white Fur and added a chain steering wheel and organ speaker covers..

The wheels are 14x7 Reverse offset Cragars with Coker premium sport ways 5.20's

The suspension has airbags not a crazy setup.. it had just a basic setup, it laid frame when I let the air out..


  • This car was made in 1964 and I've driven it since 2010
  • The Buick Wildcat (1st Gen) was in production from 1963 to 1964
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Update On My Old 64 Wildcat


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